Classic Shorts by Max Andersson

Nail Baby and Other Borderline Cases / Spik-Bebis och andra gränsfall

5 legendary short films by Max Andersson, created in 5 years between 1984 and 1989. Techniques and formats range from classic cel animation through stop motion to live action, from Super 8mm silent film to 35mm Cinemascope and Dolby Surround.


Originally presented in Swedish cinemas as a feature-length programme under the title ”Spik-Bebis och andra gränsfall” in 1990 followed by a limited release on VHS tape. With the exception of Spik-Bebis, which was digitally restored by the Swedish Film Institute in 2018, all files presented here were scanned in SD from the VHS version.

Max Andersson, Nail Films, Spikbebis, Spikbebis och andra gränsfall, independent film
VHS cover - Films by Max Andersson

One Hundred Years

Sweden 1984, 8 min.

35mm, color, 4:3



A pirate music video happily subverting all kinds of cultural archetypes while at the same time exposing the global threat of the mousetrap industry. Awarded, including for Best Animated Short, at Melbourne, Los Angeles and Berlin film festivals.

Director/Writer/Designer/Photographer/Animator/Editor: Max Andersson

Producer: Lisbet Gabrielsson

Music: The Cure

Ingen kommentar / No Comment

Sweden 1987, 5 min.

35mm Scope, b/w, 2.35:1, Dolby 5.1



Two animated creatures living on the edge of a giant black and white widescreen film frame discover that their movements are being pre-determined by external forces. They decide to challenge this state of affairs.


Director/Writer/Designer/Photographer/Animator/Editor/Producer: Max Andersson

Producer: Lisbet Gabrielsson

Music: Karin Ekhagen

Sound design: Janis Bokalders, Max Andersson

Paint department: Kristina Larsson, Katarina Wikars

Voices: Katarina Wikars, Max Andersson

Spikbebis / Nail Baby

Sweden 1987, 13 min.

16 mm, b/w and color, 4:3



A man living in a dilapidated glass cage on top of an abandoned light bulb factory starts his day by hammering 7-inch nails into his head before watching unorthodox children's shows on a broken TV. Then things get weird.


Director/Writer/Animator/Photographer/Editor/Producer: Max Andersson

Photographer: Kari Kohvakka

Music: Stefan Agaton

Make up: Maria Holmberg

Cast: Max Andersson, Kari Modén

Varför är det så mycket svart / Why Is There So Much Black

Sweden 1988, 7 min.

35 mm, color, 4:3



Stop motion documentation of the only known public performance by the Swedish pop music act Svensk Film, believed to have disintegrated before a dead audience in 1987.

Director/Writer/Photographer/Designer/Animator/Editor: Max Andersson

Music: Stefan Agaton

Producer: Lisbet Gabrielsson

Lolita separerar / Lolita Separates

Sweden 1989, 17 min.

16 mm, b/w, 4:3



A young couple in a typical Swedish suburb face a deep crisis as the abusive boyfriend kills and consumes his partner's favorite frozen fish stick pets. By accident, she finds a satisfying replacement.

Director/Writer/Photographer/Animator/Editor/Producer: Max Andersson

Photographer: Martti Ekstrand

Music: Stefan Agaton

Cast: Boel Simouni, Max Andersson, Stig Bergqvist, Antero Viita, Johan Melbi, Lars Sjunnesson