Men kiosken runt om hörnet där jag bor - Chuckamuck

Music video, Germany, 2021, 4 min. 13 sec.


Music video for the "Men kiosken runt om hörnet där jag bor" by Berliner band Chuckamuck. Best-of remake album "Language Barrier" includes 8 translated hits by Chuckamuck (in Italian, French, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, English, Hebrew and Japanese), this video shows the swedish version of "der Laden an der Ecke".

Cast and production credits

Director, writing, cinematographer, cut: Max Andersson.
Producer, assistant director, props: Helena Ahonen.
Designer, props: Oska Wald, Crippa Almquist.
Cast: Crippa Almqvist, Sigourney Skywalker, Oska Wald, Hansol, Mat Pogo.
Music: Wald/O'Tool.

Technical details

Running time: 4 min. 13 sec.
Aspect ratio: 1:1, B/W
Sound: Stereo 2.0